K ‘n’ K giveaway

Are you an advocate of the goals of Knocks ‘N ‘Kudos? Are you up to date with the blog? Do you have a flair for writing? If your answer to all three questions above is yes, then you just may stand a chance to win in the Knocks ‘N’ Kudos giveaway!!!

Three winners will emerge as winners in this challenge, with a giveaway sum of N6,000 each. To participate, follow the instructions below:

1. Write a review of your choice
2. Post the article on your Instagram page; tagging Knocks ‘N’ Kudos using the social media handle @knocksnkudos. Also use tags #KnocksNKudos, #TheCritiqueDirectory and #FreeGiftOfFeedback.
3. Get your friends to follow the page, like and comment on your post.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Must be a follower of the facebook, Instagram or twitter pages. You stand a higher chance if you follow all three platforms
2. Your posts must be factual.
3. Your publication must have photographic contents (as evidence), and have a catchy cover photo.
4. Proper writing sequence, good lexical structure and vocabulary are added advantages.

The articles of winners will be posted on the blog and on our other social media platforms.

May the best folks win!!!

#TheCritiqueDirectory #KnocksNKudos #FreeGiftOfFeedback

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