Asia Town is a posh rendezvous with (obviously) Asian fusion meals. Its strategically located in Forces Avenue, Port Harcourt. This spot has an exceptionally welcoming ambience, from its car-park to the restaurant’s doors. The ample space and seating arrangement are more than sufficient to cater to all kinds of occasions. Below is our review:



  1. Wide variety of meals: The K ‘n’ K team has visited the restaurant twice and was impressed each time. Our food selection on both visits consisted of Chicken Sweet Corn Soup (you can never go wrong with that, people), Soy Chilli Mix, Sweet and Sour Chicken (the pineapple thing they had going on reminded me of Debonairs sweet and sour pizza), Chicken in Sweet Chilli sauce, noodles in Shanghai style and Specially mixed fried rice. If you are feeling more adventurous, squid is on the menu for the pleasure of your palate.
  2. Compared to some Lagos spots, there is more than enough parking space. As in, it is almost impossible to not get a space. The impossible impossibility of not finding a space would be either due to not knowing how to park a vehicle or the vehicle itself na 911 aka “Tipper”.
  3. The service staff are impeccably dressed and possess good diction.
  4. Upon arrival, every table is assigned a dedicated waiter to cater to all needs of the guest or group of guests. It is difficult to not notice how every order is meticulously taken and how the waiter is on standby for further instructions or assistance.
  5. Customer service is on point!!! Plenty kudos showered and deserved.
  6. Prompt service of meals and little waiting time post-ordering. It’s yet to be matched by other Asian restaurants.
  7. Menu is online and readily available for download. You can make your food selection and place your order in the convenience of wherever you are before getting to the restaurant. Saves a whole lot of your time.
  8. Considering the calibre of the restaurant, its prices are quite friendly.
  9. Unlike other restaurants, the restrooms are clean to a sparkle. It’s rare to see restaurants that maintain such level of hygiene



As with everything in life, you can’t have it all. It is no surprise that the restaurant has one major knock that diners cannot ignore:

  1. Tipping: The service staff blatantly request tips from diners, as in it’s their right ooo. May be the ubiquitous “Nigerian factor” but this is so inappropriate. Tipping is the prerogative of the customer and not staff’s entitlement. This should be discouraged and corrected by the management of ASIA TOWN.

ASIA TOWN scores a well-deserved 8/10 on the K ‘n’ K Wow-Meter.

What’s been your experience: deserving of some hard Knocks or worthy of Kudos? Please share with us in the comments below.


  1. But tipping is not a Nigerian factor. In fact waiters in American restaurants expect it as a right and when not received they almost openly express it. It’s an unwritten culture in the American restaurant space

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