K’n’K Review: The “Repping” office of the LASG


True story, I am a “testimony”.

When Uncle Ambode unilterally decided to more than double the Lagos State Land Use Charge (LUC) and “commanded” immediate payment within a very short time-frame, most Lagosians (Landlords and tenants) were united in the clamour for an immediate reversal of the rates (life is already hard). As a result, many of us had no choice but to visit the different Land Use Charge offices nearest to us to complain or confirm our fate (or do both) and possibly commence plans to evacuate Lagos (Lagos is not my home, I cannor coman die hia).

The closest LUC office referred to me at the time was in Ikate Elegushi. The enquiries made confirmed that there indeed was a LUC office in that axis but somehow, people could not exactly confirm its location. I dedicated a Sunday’s evening and after parading the Ikate-Jakande axis over 5times, the office was discovered- some coded building lai dat around Oando filling station at Chisco bus-stop. I arrived the office a few minutes past 9 (had to give allowance for “Nigerian Civil Service time”) the following day and was shocked to see that the premises was already busy. Apparently, resumption time was truly 8am! I was directed by the security men to the reception, filled in the logbook, was asked the purpose of my visit and was directed to the relevant office by the receptionists.

The “queries’ resolution” office was adequately air-conditioned (I kid you not), well-arranged, staff actually present to attend to enquiries. I stated mine and after some system confirmation, I was done. Ah! Just like that? In less than 15minutes! No, no, no, it can’t be that easy. There has to be some form of layered difficulty embedded somewhere to make one just begin to call amounts of Naira. I  asked if there was something else they required of me (I mean, there just had to be more undue process and sufferhead involved), as I was willing to wait. I mean, service couldn’t be that quick and efficient in CIVIL SERVICE! The lady attending to me simply smiled and confirmed that I would be reached via mail or my phone number.

On the K’n’K wow-meter, the Ikate-Elegushi office of the Land Use Charge office gets a 7/10.

We are trusting that this commendable service is not a one-off nor peculiar to the Island area only o. Other States and indeed Federal Government parastatals should coman copy, paste and remodel their Civil Service after this pace-setting agency.


  1. Proper decorum- was pleasantly surprised that rules of conduct (punctuality, courtesy, civility and prompt service) were observed
  2.  thankfully (believe it or not), the omnipresent quality of nationwide Civil Service staff to  request or blackmail for bribe was absent.
  3. No delays: fast, efficient and prompt service
  4. Phone ettiquette- Prior to the physical visit to the office, calls to one of the contact numbers were taken professional: courteous and helpful


  1. Nothing is solved on the phone as you will be directed to still come to the nearest office for assessment and resolution
  2. Unattended emails: Technology has made life a lot less stressful but somehow, the LUC has refused (or is resisting) to embrace this convenience. Emails sent to the contact addresses were and still are unanswered, despite the repeated reminders. e-Resolution of issues and enquiries is not only expedient, wouldn’t only aid reduction of the crowded offices but would promote higher efficiency
  3. Follow-up: I still await the promised feedback via email or phone call. Follow-up or follow through is important for complete resolution of issues/enquiries.
  4. Unusual for a public office but there is no signpost, LASG logo or anything to mark the LUC building as a public office. We are aware that some kain companies do same to avoid tax payments or harassment from numerous unions and areaboys, but does a State Government parastatal have anything to fear? Hmmmmm…

What’s been your experience: should be served some Knocks or worthy of Kudos? Please share with us in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “K’n’K Review: The “Repping” office of the LASG”

  1. Until i see with my own eyes, i will hold on to disbelief in Nigerian government. Experiences have always been bitter, plus sour sef

  2. Dealing with civil servants (whether in government ministries or agencies) is often time a bitter-sweet one. As much as we have those who are “repping” Lagos state well with their attitude to work, we also have those who make you wonder how they got the job in the first place and why some of us actually think that the President’s comment on the ‘laziness’ of youths is not entirely false… Anyway, I am glad you had a good experience.

    However, what I do not understand is the fact that value of properties in Lagos appreciated by almost 300% in the wake of the introduction of the Lagos State Land Use Charge Law 2018 (was this a coincidence or was it planned?). Even with the so- called discounts and incentive for payment by early birds, the fees/assessments are still way high (for those not lucky to fall under the exemption list)…

    We all want a better Nation but really, adding more stress to the already stressed (in body, soul and spirit) is not the way to go.

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