The #Talkoverfood event powered by The Kitchen Space held on May 19, 2018 at Leckers Café, Lekki Phase I, Lagos. Its theme was “The Unveiling- Starting and Growing A Sustainable Food Business & Brand” and was centred on conversation about food, the tricks of the food business and connecting with one another through the nexus of food.

The impressive lineup of speakers had:
• Tosan Jemide (power baker),

• Uzo Orimalade (foodpreneur & vlogger)

• Chef Daniel Olurin (AKA Chef D and chef to the Wakandan team to Lagos)

Through the #TofTalk segment, Tosan explained the what-you-don’t-see-online secrets of running a food business in the peculiar Nigerian environment; Uzo exhibited the fire-burning-passion, basic skills, strategy and need to go granular to fly high and make it in the food business; Chef D broke the “Chef Code” and took us through his past travails to appreciate his path and status.

A plus for the event was despite its small gathering (who needs large crowds that lack genuine connection anyway?), its setting and the depth of information relayed by the speakers helped create that warm, jolly atmosphere lacking in most events. It is certain that every guest left with a fond takeaway sense of belonging. It was more like a bonding session for and by friends, especially with that one sentimental moment that hit every guest hard and tugged at everyone’s emotional strings (if you know, you know ooo).

Kudos to The Kitchen Space, Tosan Jemide, Uzo Orimalade and Chef D for the selfless support to food business start-ups.

6 thoughts on “EVENT: #TALKOVERFOOD”

  1. I agree, was there. It was very personal, especially when… (if u know, u rily know jare). Nice post.

  2. Chef D was very unassuming, appears down-to-earth and has a true sense of humility. Kudos to The Kitchen Space.

  3. The programme was very refreshing and eye opening. Helps you appreciate the power of passion, humble beginnings and the courage to fight for what really gives you fulfilment and inner peace. It more often than not never go the way you planned but let the bigger picture always fuel your hunger and drive. A big kudos to the organisers, speakers and audience. #worlddomination

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