KNK arrival celebration
Hello guys, welcome to the official blog of Knocks ‘N’ Kudos, aka The Critique Directory!!!
This is the first official post on the blog and as excited as we are to do this, it is just appropriate to let you know what we both have signed up for.

Undoubtedly, many of us (if not all) have been victims of dismal service failure. We Nigerians probably have it the worst and chuck it up to “the Nigerian factor” that nothing would ever change. The timeless business mantra that “customer is king” selectively applies here. As the name implies, the blog will dwell on those experiences (good and bad) suffered or enjoyed at service points; review hot spots, notable events etc. Ever been to that hyped place and you had the why did I even bother feeling? Had an experience that left you wishing you could literally serve the “oppressor” a knock on the head from a well-formed knuckle? Here it is- free gift of feedback!!! Select locations will be visited, get you to see them through our own eyes and the shared experiences would be weighed on our “wow-meter“. Guess what the best part is, every visit is anonymous!
Readers will not be forced to see things from our perspective alone, so feel free to make your comments in the spaces provided below every post. Also serve your kudos using the “Like” button, and express your disappointment and serve the hot knocks using the “Dislike” button.
We urge you to be on the look out for regular reviews as we hope to enlighten, as well as entertain. Rest assured  that your feedback is most welcome, of course. You may hit us up via the official Instagram handle @knocksnkudos or send a mail to
One more thing guys… We are everywhere. Strictly speaking, everywhere.
The show is about to begin. The Critique Directory finally has arrived. We are your City’s Service Vigilante.


  1. This sounds like a refreshing departure from the patronising culture we know. I am sure there are other activities that can stem from this mission.
    Kudos and good luck.

  2. Great!
    About time to get things on track.
    Enough of the service failures dished to clients at great costs.

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